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Welcome to Hard Rock Cafe Suriname Airport

HARD ROCK CAFE Suriname Airport

November 19, 2023

Located on the northeastern coast of South America, Suriname has a rich history of diversity, with beautiful people from all over the world living peacefully. So naturally Hard Rock had to add our signature style to this amazing place! Suriname is part of the three Guyanas, defined by vast swaths of tropical rainforest as the most forested country in the world! The airport we call home is in the former Dutch colony of Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital where 30% of the entire population of 600,000 people live.

Find Us in the Airport

Located in the JAP International Airport of Suriname, our Hard Rock Cafe is bringing our classic American cuisine to hungry airline commuters! You can find us—and our signature rock and roll style—inside the departure terminal. Whether you want to watch some sports before your flight, charge your phone, have a meeting, or just relax, we’re here for you before or after every flight. Hard Rock Cafe Suriname Airport has room for up to 70 guests looking for that perfect bite or drink.

Grab a Burger on the Go

Say goodbye to your stay in Suriname in style with a couple of drinks or dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Suriname Airport. Whether you want to dive right into a Legendary® Burger or get ready for your flight with a few cocktails, we’re here to take care of you before you depart our country.

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