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Are you tired of searching for the perfect conference and party venue? Do you need
something that truly stands out and is easy to plan?

Welcome to Hard Rock Cafe Gothenburg!


We offer you a unique meeting space where we do everything to fulfill and cater to
everyone's needs. With multiple event areas on different floors, we can
accommodate everything from small groups to this year's big celebration.

Our conference rooms have everything you need to make your next conference or
corporate event a success. We offer everything from breakfast packages to
shuffleboard and dinner. But that's not all - when the evening comes and it's time to
party, you won't have to look far! Our conference space transforms into the perfect
party venue to celebrate your successes. With room for a dance floor, mingling area,
and a fully equipped bar, you can celebrate with your colleagues and show off your
smooth moves on the dance floor.

So why not skip the white and dull conference room and rent our festive venue
instead?! We promise it will be a day (and night!) to remember. We organize
breakfasts, mini expos, lunch meetings, lectures, live nights, full-day conferences,
Christmas parties, quizzes, and more. Invite your staff or clients to an afternoon
where we transform the entire event floor into an activity floor and fill it with
everything from friendly duels to exciting challenges!

Make it easy for yourself and book our conference and party venue today. We
promise it will be an unforgettable experience that will be part of the entire event
planning process.

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