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Welcome to Hard Rock Cafe Florianopolis

HARD ROCK CAFE Florianópolis

Est. Dec 14, 2022

Located in the famous Shopping Vila Romana, Hard Rock Cafe Florianópolis is adding our signature rock and roll style to the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. Also known as Silicon Island, Florianópolis has 42 stunning beaches, and is one of the main tourist, service, and technological centers in the country. This makes our Cafe the perfect place to live the Hard Rock experience, whether through our American cuisine with house cocktails or the must-see attractions and shows. After experiencing incredible moments, keep that experience forever with an exclusive item from our Rock Shop®.

Music and Entertainment Abound

Filled with an exhibition of original pieces by world-renowned artists that only the Hard Rock Cafe can offer, Hard Rock Cafe Florianópolis unites music, entertainment, and the best of American cuisine in a unique design environment. Our 1,200-square-foot facility can serve up to 350 guests in two environments. The ground floor contains the restaurant, and the mezzanine features movable walls to create up to three different rooms for events and an exclusive environment for children, containing games, toys, and video games.

Go on—Take a Bite

At Hard Rock Cafe Florianópolis, we take the already high standards of Florianópolis gastronomy and add a little Hard Rock flair. Our menu filled with American cuisine contains a selection of legendary hamburgers and tasty dishes, as well as a varied menu with the best drinks and wines. You’re sure to discover something you love with each bite.



EVERY DAY: 11:30 AM TO 00:00 AM


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